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20 PUBG Tricks to Win “Chicken Dinner”


There are so many little pointers and tricks worth understanding for PUBG. That we’ve got decided to assemble one big listing of them right here. Splitting them up into the applicable classes. So that you can pick to pass beforehand, or just browse at your amusement.

Before diving in even though, it is worth speaking a little approximately the way to approach PUBG fits in. Preferred, particularly if you’re a newcomer or just looking to learn the sport a bit better.

The triumphing meta, so to speak, is stealth. In reality, some of the highest-ranking players. who are aiming to compete at upcoming tournaments absolutely depend on ‘boring’ stealth strategies. Like hiding offshore on boats, to look them thru to the final gunfight on the end of a round. The argument is going that everyone else will kill every different anyway. So why reveal your self to the chance?


So here are the tricks

1: In the pre-game, take off your footwear. Barefoot strolling is the equal speed as jogging with footwear. But you are incredibly quieter on maximum surfaces.
2: You could live in the sport’s voice chat. But set your own chat to celebration-most effective. Occasionally you’ll overhear enemy teams who forgot to set theirs to non-public.
3: Don’t forget to toggle your rate of fire with the B key. Or left at the d-pad on console.
4: There aren’t two, but three types of aiming. Hip fireplace, a more accurate hip-hearth (protecting proper mouse-button). And aiming-down-points of interest (‘commercials’, via tapping right mouse-button). you may additionally be able to change the settings to move straight. To commercials by means of protecting proper-click as opposed to toggling it on/off.


5: In case you take fire from range and do not know wherein it is from. Do not move inclined – you simply make yourself a sitting duck proper in the enemy’s line of sight. instead, zig-zag and dash until you get to cowl and smash line of sight. Getting over the brow of a hill is extremely good for this. As is the classic “cheese it!” approach in a vehicle (just force away simply speedy).
6: Whilst fighting a couple of enemies, ignore any which you down. They can not get up unless rescued, so priorities those who can still attack you.
7: Automobiles are terrific at masking huge distances at pace. However draw massive amounts of attention with their noise. Use them accurately.
8: Vehicles will roll down hills, and explode once they hit matters at velocity. Park sideways on sloped terrain to prevent them rolling away, and if you crash get away from the vehicle ASAP.
9: Not all scopes paintings with all weapons – you cannot placed the 8x Scope at the M16 as an instance, which changed into made an exception for balance functions. Likewise you cannot put an 8x on SMGs.
10: Analyze which helmets can take which amount of harm – a Kar98, the most usually discovered and used sniper, can kill you right away with a headshot if you have a stage 2 helmet or underneath, however a degree three helmet can take a success. note what helmet fighters have before you start trading sniper fireplace, as there may be no point if you’re at a drawback.


11: Avoid bridges just like the plague if you need to pass one to get into the secure zone – there are almost always bridge trolls (people ready on them to kill you) while a bridge is a vital direction. Get there early, swim, or find a boat rather!
12: Constantly move, even if looting or camping, just a little bit – it stops someone picking you off with an clean headshot, which occurs tremendously often. just wiggle aspect to aspect or hold crouching and status up.
13: You can dive underwater by conserving ‘C’ even as swimming (B on Xbox), and rise to the surface by way of retaining ‘space’ (A on Xbox).
14: On computer, you can auto-sprint by using pressing ‘=’
15: Control motorbikes in the air by retaining down ‘space’ + ‘Left Ctrl‘.


16: You may roll grenades with an beneath-arm throw with via holding ‘Left Mouse-Button’ and then ‘right Mouse-Button’ to throw.
17: You can disable the HUD completely if on-display markers get in your manner, with the aid of pressing ‘Ctrl+U‘.
18: You may shoot the M16 like a rapid-firing automatic weapon by way of using its burst fire mode, controlling the flinch and timing your clicks flawlessly to do seriously fast DPS.
19: There are handiest methods to heal your self again to 100 consistent with cent – the very rare Medkit, which right away heals you to one hundred in keeping with cent after 10 seconds, and ‘enhance’ items like strength beverages and Painkillers, with a purpose to heal you through the years.
20: If someone begins attacking you with their bare palms, always fight it out. If you can land a headshot or two you can win the combat even though they get a headstart on working you over!

Enjoy Chicken Dinner!!