4 Hidden Cafes in Islamabad

4 Hidden Cafes in Islamabad

Islamabad has recently had a massive outbreak when it comes to restaurants and food cafes. Whether you’re looking for a themed café, nice ambiance or a specific cuisine, you will manage to find it somewhere or the other. Since its Islamabad, however, you are bound to bump into an aunty, a family friend or a person you desperately want to avoid. This article is meant for the people who want a nice little spot to sit down, have a cup of chaye and ignore the world.

Food Cafes


Here are 4 hidden Food Cafes in Islamabad

Tea O’ Clock

This little dhaba style café is said to serve some of the best mixed chaye in the city. The best part is that the place is open to everyone! With dim lighting, warm fires all around and a steaming cup of tea, there’s no better way to enjoy this time of year.


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Kitab Café

Islamabad has its own Shehr-e-Kitab (the city of books) which consists of 28 bookstores selling all sorts of reading material. A majority of Islamabadis still don’t know about this area! Shehr-e-Kitab opened its very own Kitab Café behind all these bookstores! The area is secluded, yet open, which is actually perfect for book lovers. Kitab Café is perfect for people who want to work, study or read a book while enjoy the café’s tea and snacks!

Food Cafes


Sadhu’s Retreat

Shah Allah Ditta is located in the foothills of Islamabad’s beloved Margalla Mountains. Since the route going up to Margalla is always blocked because of the awaam going to Monal, Sadhu’s Retreat is an excellent alternative to appreciate the hills and enjoy the silence of the area. The way there may be a hassle but sitting with your friends or family, surrounded by hills and food is a perfect way to spend the evening.

Food Cafes


This is a new place that just opened up in a corner of F-10 Markaz. The board makes it seem like it’s a clothing store but it’s actually a nice little café!

Ke’ranCHe has a very small seating area but there’s one thing about this food cafes that is different from most places in Islamabad: they make chaye on sand!



How to Share With Just Friends

How to share with just friends.

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This is called Tawa Chaye and it definitely tastes different and better than plain tea. The whole process takes place on hot sand, and the tea is directly poured into clay pots and served right afterwards. Not only that but ke’RanCHe also makes desserts like kulfi on their tawas!

All of these food cafes have been tried and tested so we would suggest you add them to your list of places to go!

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