Not just speed: 7 incredible things you can do with 5G technology

Not just speed: 7 incredible things you can do with 5G technology

The next generation of wireless tech is quite just a lift for your phone. Think self-driving cars, telemedicine, and VR reaching their true potential. You can’t walk around Mobile World Congress without needing a 5G technology .

5g technology in a mobile service is not new to us but with fast-growing technology every day, the miracles have technology far spread in all the fields of life. Other than fast speed 5G is providing much more advantages

5G has started to be proved revolutionary not only in the communication field but in many more fields and is making life easier for human beings. It provides features that are bound to change the course of life. From remote surgery to self-driving features of the car, 5G  is astonishing to everyone with its wonders. In past, the high-speed internet was considered to be a out of world technology and due to this 5G technology was considered to bring revolution but the advantages of 5G have excelled beyond the limits and made impossibles possible

The hype around 5G has been brewing for quite a year, but we’re finally beginning to see the first research and development bear fruit. The technology promises to vary our lives by connecting everything around us to a network that’s 100 times faster than our cellular connection and 10 times faster than our speediest home broadband service.

But it isn’t almost speed for speed’s sake. While the move from 3G to 4G LTE was about faster connections, the evolution to 5G is such a lot more. the mixture of speed, responsiveness, and reach could unlock the complete capabilities of other hot trends in technology, offering a lift to self-driving cars, drones, computer games, and therefore the internet of things.

“If you only consider speed, you do not see the magic of all it can do,” said Jefferson Wang, who follows the mobile industry for IBB Consulting. 5G technology is quite just speed, albeit it’ll be faster than your home broadband connection.


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The bad news: 5G remains a short time away for consumers, and therefore the industry remains fighting over the nitty-gritty details of the technology itself. the great news: there is a chance it’s coming before we thought.

It’s clear why the wireless carriers are wanting to move to 5G technology. With the core phone business slowing down, companies are looking forward to new tech. They need something to connect more devices.

“We are convinced that 5G technology is that the next revolution,” Tim Baxter, president of Samsung’s US unit, said during a news conference Sunday. Here’s just a taste of what 5G technology are going to be ready to unlock.

Remote surgery

Beyond speed, the most important advantage of 5G technology is its low latency or the short lag time between a tool pinging the network and getting a response. While not necessarily noticeable, there’s a lag with 4G LTE. A 5G network virtually eliminates it, meaning a surgeon might not get to be within the same room as a patient within the future.

Ericsson, working with startup NeuroDigital Technologies and doctors at King’s College London, used a dummy patient to demonstrate how a surgeon could use a VR headset and special glove to regulate a robot arm that might perform an actual operation in another location.

The glove design has haptic feedback motors that give alarm once you touchthe dummy’s organ, supplying you with the feeling that you simply were touching it.

Companies are calling this concept the “internet of skills” that might enable you to transfer your expertise over an excellent distance in real-time using robotics and haptic feedback. Without the real-time 5G connection, the entire setup would be impossible.

A touchy-feely internet

The surgery feedback is simply one example of how touch will play into the 5G network. With haptic feedback, you will be ready to transmit the touch of experience. This will enhance the sights and sounds of a video experience.

Another Ericsson setup put you within the driver’s seat of a car 50 kilometers far away from the Fira. because of the feedback system built into the chair, you’ll feel yourself going over speed bumps and crashing into cones — which I did at an alarming rate.

“To the touch and feel things miles away, you would like low latency,” Sprint Chief Technology Officer John Saw said in an interview Monday. which will have applications within the industrial area, including having humans overseeing robotic assembly. It’s the first time the network is going to be faster than your mind, Ericsson Chief Technology Officer Ulf Ewaldson

Self-driving cars

While companies like Google and Uber are investing in self-driving cars now, many within the industry do not believe an autonomous vehicle is feasible without a 5G network. “We are convinced that 5G technology is that the next revolution.”  Tim Baxter, president of Samsung’s US unit.

That instantly responsive network and ubiquitous coverage mean the cars are going to be ready to use 5G.  They will be a facility to speak to other cars and sensors built around the city. The sensor receptors will installed from street lamps to gas stations.

“It not almost the cars,” Adam Koeppe, vice chairman of network planning for Verizon, said in an interview Monday. “It’s about urban design and technology.”



Similarly, 5G technology will unlock the true capability of drones. Lynn Comp, director of market development, cited the instance of a drone flying over an oil drill. It has a video camera to record the processing.  The network will leave precise control of the drone while sending back high-definition video.

Virtual reality

VR was an enormous trend eventually year’s Mobile World Congress. But the 5g technology took a back seat this year with little new hardware aside from an update from Samsung.

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