Artificial Intelligence is the sub-division of computer sciences that underscores the advancement of intelligent machines, thinking and working like people. For instance, problem-solving, speech recognition, planning and learning.

32% of corporate heads say that voice recognization is the most commonly used AI technology in their business today.

 Strong AI versus Weak AI

Artificial intelligence can be categorized as either weak or strong. Weak AI, also called narrow AI, is an AI framework that is planned and prepared to complete a particular assignment. Industrial robots and virtual personal assistants, for example, Apple’s Siri, use weak AI.

Strong AI, also called artificial general intelligence (AGI), depicts programming that can recreate the intellectual capabilities of the human mind. When given a new task, a strong AI technology uses fuzzy logic as per its programming to apply knowledge of one domain to another and solve the problems on its own. According to theory, a strong AI program must clear both a Turing test and the Chinese room test.

Augmented Intelligence vs Artificial Intelligence

Some industry specialists accept the term artificial intelligence is closely linked to popular culture, and this has made the general public have unrealistic expectations regarding how AI will change the work environment and life generally. Few analysts and advertisers expect the label augmented intelligence, which has more unbiased implications, will assist people with the understanding that most of the applications of AI will be weak and just help improve the quality of items and services.

The idea of the technological singularity, a future governed by artificial Intelligence that far outperforms the human’s mental capacity to fully understand it or how it is revolutionizing our

life – stays inside the domain of science fiction.

 Ethical Usage of Artificial Intelligence

While AI technology presents a scope of new benefits for organizations, the utilization of artificial intelligence brings up moral issues because, whether built for a good purpose or negative one, artificial technology will perform according to what it is bound to perform.

It can cause problems for mankind because AI algorithms, which encompass a large number of the latest AI technology, are only as intelligent as they are provided with the information. Since a human being chooses what information is to be fed to the Artificial technology, the potential of Artificial intelligence is natural.

For anybody planning to utilize artificial intelligence for their business must ensure to add ethics in the training of that particular technology to avoid any biased reactions. This is particularly necessary when utilizing AI algos that are naturally unexplainable in deep learning and generative ill-adversarial network (GAN) applications.

Lackings of AI

Logic is a potential hindrance to utilizing AI in companies that work under exacting administrative consistency regulations. For instance, monetary organizations in the United States work under guidelines that expect them to clarify their credit-giving decisions. When artificial intelligence operating systems take decisions for credit diving they build relations between thousands of variables to make decisions.

Artificial intelligence is a hot topic of today’s time. Analysts debate that artificial intelligence is going to revolutionize the future but given the circumstances, we are convinced that artificial intelligence is not something that we will experience in the future but it is what is changing our lives currently.

With great improvements in the field of technology, we are connected with artificial intelligence in one way or another whether it is Siri, Watson, or Alexa. In fact, as the evolution of artificial intelligence is its initial phase more and more companies are injecting cash into it that indicates sharp growth of the AI industry in near future.

Popular artificial technologies

Below are the 9 most popular and widely used artificial technologies of current times. These are not the technologies we would get to use in the future but utilizing them for our benefits nowadays


Siri is one the most famous personal assistant provided by Apple on iPhone and iPad. A female, friendly voice is present 24/7 for assisting in figuring out things. She helps us to find the desired information, guides the directions, send messages, open applications and mark important events on the calendar

Siri works with the help of training of machine learning to understand human language and respond accordingly. It one of the most common example of Artificial Information technology


Mobile phones are not the only things improving with artificial intelligence but cars are also transformed. And biggest example of this is the Tesla cars. This is one of the best cars out there. It is has transformed the overall driving experience with the latest features using artificial intelligence. Its features like self-driving, predictive capabilities, and  absolute technological innovation are a revolution in the automobile industry

In case you dream of having a car like fantasized in a Hollywood movie then Tesla is the real-life version of that. And this car is only getting better with regularly updated versions.


Cogito is originally the invention of Dr. Sandy and Joshua is probably by far the best instance of the behavioral version to improve the service of the customer care panel. The organization is a union of AI and social science to improve the customer service by telephone operators.

Cogito is relevant to a great number of voice calls that occur day today. This Artificial technology recognized the human voice and provides the required assistance. Hence, improving the overall quality of the service.


Netflix is software that needs no introduction. It is one of the most popular software of today’s time. This platform suggests the connections based on clients’ reactions, choices, behavior, and interests. It refers to the movies from a large database based on what the client liked previously or how he responded to a particular movie.

Moreover, It is improving with time too. On the downsides, people feel that a good film of short films goes unnoticed on this platform as soon as some blockbuster comes on the screen


Pandora is one of the most well-known and high in demand software solutions in the market. It is also popular as the DNA of music. Relying upon 400 characteristics of the music, the experts in the field of music individually analyze the music. This software also mentioned the background of the recommended music.

6.Nest (Google)

The nest was quite possibly the most popular and successful AI technology.  Google purchased this software in 2014 for $3.2 billion. The Nest Learning Thermostat uses calculations to save energy dependent on your behavior and timetable.

It utilizes an extremely smart AI technology that learns the temperature you like and projects itself in about seven days. Additionally, it will turn off automatically to save energy, if no one is at home.

Indeed, it is a combination of both artificial intelligence technology and Bluetooth low-energy since certain functions of this application will use BLE

solutions and services


Boxever is an organization that excessively depends on AI to upgrade the client experience in the travel industry and creates small moments of joy to make customers love the service

Box over fundamentally improves customer experience through AI and Artificial Intelligence to rule the playing field, assisting clients with finding new ways and make their journeys worth remembering

8. Flying Drones

The flying drones are already shipping products to customers’ homes – through on a test mode. They indicate a powerful machine learning system that can translate the environment into a 3D model through sensors and video cameras.

The sensors and cameras can notice the position of the drones in the room by attaching them to the ceiling. Trajectory generation algorithm guides the drone on how and where to move. Using a Wi-Fi system, we can control the drones and use them for specific purposes – product delivery, video-making, or news reporting.

9. Echo

Echo was launched by Amazon, which is getting smarter and adding new features. It is a revolutionary product that can help you to search the web for:

  • information,
  • schedule appointments,
  • shop,
  • control lights,
  • switches,
  • thermostats,
  • answers questions,
  • reads audiobooks,
  • reports traffic and weather,
  • gives info on local businesses,
  • provides sports scores and schedules,
  • and more using the Alexa Voice Service.


In short, Artificial Intelligence is gaining popularity at a quicker pace; influencing the way we live, interact, and improve customer experience. There is much more to come in the coming years with more improvements, development, and governance.




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