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Aurat March-Justified or not?

Rights of women

As we all know “Women day” is celebrated on 8th of March every year around the globe and is specified for the awareness campaign and discussion about rights of women. In Pakistan since last two years a trend has been established to organize “Aurat March” on 8th March every year and it has been pron to criticism and threats from day one. It has been an open debate that whether it is a right thing to do or not? And if yes then is the way of doing it is right or not? Specially the slogans and the play cards raised  by women during this march have faced a great backlash on our electronic media as well as on social media. It is a  clear fact that women have been a dominated gender in our society since forever and are facing number of issues on daily basis. A common woman feels insecure not only outside the house but also are not safe inside the house from close family members. Women are really vulnerable in our society. Cases of forced marriages, sexual assault, forced child birth, domestic violence, honor killing, acid attacks are every day news.  Thus in my point of view it validates the point that there is a severe need of vocal women for awareness towards rights of women so that women are acknowledged about how should they defend themselves and what are their rights, Experts should speak about the existing laws and what more laws must be passed by the government. Gatherings, seminars or any other form of meeting should be arranged for awareness purpose and to find the solution to end the culture of women oppression.

Next question asked by lots of anti-Aurat March people, is that is it the right way to ask about rights?  They criticize the banners and slogans raised by the women part of this march. Specially “Mera jism Mere Marzi”  slogan has been criticized mainly. They call them sexual, against our norms, culture and religion. Well that is a debatable point and it is right of everyone to give their point of view but in that case also decency must not be compromised  and respect of the other person should be kept in mind and I must say this is only not compulsory as for the debate with any women but with any other human being.

Rights of women

I must say it is need of time that this matter is raised and hammered effectively and efficiently, minimizing the controversies will help achieve the goals, the actual thought and cause behind this march should be conveyed clearly and according to the wishes of our common women. Our common women require right  to education, right to take a decision about herself.  Our social media has become a war-zone as people in support and against are raising their own justifications specially with the recent incident of famous writer Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar abusing a human right activist Marvi Sarmid on live television, people are coming out in support or against both of them and making their point. One of the movement supporter said:

Another one said

Whereas, some  twitter users are emphasizing that the main objective behind the movement is distorted

To summarize rights of women is a major issue in our country and to  solve this problem women should hammer their valid rights in efficient way and make this issue less controversial. And government should make laws and practically implement them for providing secure environment to women.