Azadi March

Azadi March

Azadi March. More like Imprisonment March. Some of you may be pretty excited about this for the sole reason that school/work will have to be off. Some of you may be annoyed by this as it creates barriers to go anywhere else. And the rest of you will be indifferent towards this Azadi March. None reading this will be joining the March. No one in their right minds would. These Marches feel more chaotic than beneficial to any sane person. And God bless all those who use the Islamic card for their personal gains.

What is the main agenda of the Azadi March? The main agenda of the march is to make PM Imran Khan resign from his position. The whole show is led by Maulana Fazal Ul Rehman. He is pinning all the blame of the downfall of Pakistan’s economic issues on Imran Khan. I won’t go into detail of who did what, or who is at the right or wrong. But from experience, the whole one-month protest that happened on 2017 for the ‘blasphemy’ laws, unfavorable to THEIR Islamic agendas caused a lot of pain and harm to those who just wanted get home from the twin cities. You might remember the Khadim Rizvi memes that occurred shortly after.

I can go on rambling of how these people use their followers in the name of religion, but nothing will make a difference. Those who follow them blindly will keep on doing that, and those who agree with me will be just as frustrated. The Azadi March will bring a lot of havoc and chaos and he knows it. Maulana Diesel will start the March with the Kashmir issue and then the whole march will begin.

On Friday 25th the government held negotiations with Jamat e Ulma e Islam (JUI) to dismiss the Azadi March. Without a doubt, there were no agreements made on either side. Here is a full article about the negotiations regarding Azadi March.

The Azadi March was planned months before it happened and the government was well aware about it. For some God forsaken reason they decided to chill till the last minute. And then went into panic mode. It will start from Karachi till Islamabad, while people from different cities join. People living in Islamabad already started to see containers on the 24th. Karachi too had food and medicine containers on the highway.  It is still amusing how the government didn’t take this protest seriously.

PPP plans to greet the Azadi March in Karachi. Clearly, this March has nothing to do with Maulana Fazal ul Rehman being a patriot. As reporter on ARY said, and I quote, “He is no longer relevant to the country and is trying his best to come back into the picture.” There are a lot of theories as to why this march is taking place. You can look them up on YouTube with different reporters such as Waseem Badami, Malik, Sabir Shakir, Kashif Abbasi, etc.

God save all those who are working for the better for this country and stop those who are trying to destroy it. And may this Azadi March be non-chaotic and end safely.

Preparations for the Azadi March in Karachi:

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