Best Dash Cam Money Can Buy

Best Dash Cam Money Can Buy

Dash cam – or dashboard camera- has become a weirdly wide necessity to drivers and motorcyclists. Whether you need it to film random insanity going on the road or to make sure whose fault it was in the accident (God forbid). Dash cams are mostly used by people who are into extreme/adventurous motor sports such as motocross or rally racing. But now people driving daily need it too. Dash cam lets you capture everything, that could save anyone’s life, as well as your own. Something that you wish you could have captured while driving can now be avoided. Okay enough about what dash cams are. But which one to buy? Here’s a list of the best dash cams money can buy.


APEMAN dash cam

APEMAN dash cam is one of the best-selling dash cam on amazon. It has 1080p high resolution lens. It replays at a fast speed.  Its angle goes up to 170 degrees. That means it coves the entire windshield of your car. APEMAN dash cam can detect shaking and collisions and saves the footage to be able to replay it back. No footage is lost in case of an accident. What more do you need for a dash cam? Even at night this dash cam records the images clearly. Its quite easy and simple to setup for a simpleton such as myself. Some reviews, although, have said that apparently it isn’t as easy as it seems to install. The detection is slightly sensitive as to closing the door sets it off. Only 9% people had trouble, so that’s fair. It costs $45.

Here’s a link to buying the APEMAN dash cam.


Chotaru dash cam – Front and rear

First of all, the dash cam is front and back, which means you can record from both sides. It’s a much more efficient way to capture content or a rear accident. The front cam angle is 170 degrees and the back cam is 130 degrees. It can capture up to 32GB of footage and saves recordings during collisions. Although the SD card isn’t included in the package. As soon as you start the car, it starts detecting motion. Chotaru dash cam has been bought for trucks, which isn’t the intended audience of the product. The front camera is reviewed to be neat but the rear camera not so much. The wires are a little dangly of the rear dash cam and is a little difficult. The SD card is creating slight problem for some users. But overall customers are satisfied. Chotaru dash cam is for $45.

And you can buy chotaru dash cam here.


Dash Cam

Nextbase 522W

Nextbase has 1440P and 1080 P dash cam. It captures up to 140-degree width, which is pretty fair than the others noted before. Nextbase dash cam has Bluetooth and wi-fi features that allows you to directly sync your files onto any device available. This dash cam comes with its own app called MyNextbase Connect App which lets you edit videos on the spot. Incase of emergency, the GPS in the app helps incase of an accident, to inform emergency services. This dash cam has an inbuilt Alexa. There are ports so that you can add any additional camera modules on your own. Although the image quality isn’t 4k, but it’s still clear. A few reviewers have complained about the installation of Alexa, it does seem pretty useless. The camera has said to overheat by other users. SD card is not included. It costs about $185.

You can buy Nextbase dash cam here or here.


Dash Cam

Togaurd Mini Dash Cam

This dash cam has 1080P cam quality and is 170 degrees wide in angle. It’s a mini dash cam so there is less space to occupy and less distractions on the dashboard. The dash cam detects shock and doesn’t override the files to save the accidents. The setup is pretty self-explanatory. The main problem with this dash cam is that it needs constant power plug in and does not come with an SD card. The picture quality is satisfactory by users and very little users have problems with powering the dash cam. Instead of erasing footage you can just over loop it with new footage. It’s a pretty good deal overall with pleased users. It costs $40 on Amazon.

You can buy Togaurd Mini Dash Cam from here.


Dash Cam

Vanture N2 Pro

Vanture N2 pro is a dual dash cam, it has front and rear view. The camera quality is 1920x1080P. This dash cam has an angle up to 310 degrees. Almost the entire view around the car. Vanture N2 Pro has an 18-month warranty, which no other dash cam has marketed themselves for. The camera auto starts when the ignition of the car starts. This dash cam had 24-hour Parking mode. Some reviews have said that the mount cane be an issue, but the company has replaced it fast and it seems to be working perfectly fine. The long cable can be a problem, but it can be solved by wrapping it up. The dash cam does not come with an SD card.

And you can buy Vanture N2 Pro from here.


Here’s a compilation of dash cams:

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