Best TV Set in Less Than $100 – Best items -DSRN Blogs

Best TV Set in Less Than $100 – Best items -DSRN Blogs

Choosing a new TV roughly takes about 3 weeks – 4 years. Yes, I am that lazy. It took me months to decide that the TV in my room needed to change. What about the price? I’m only a bachelor. Even if you’re not, this economy isn’t the best place to be buying expensive TV sets. If the price is low, then it’s a given that the TV will be of low quality. Here’s a list of the best TV sets that you can get under $100.

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1) Fire TV | Insignia 24-inch 720P Smart TV

Insignia Smart TV is rated the top best and is only $99.9. It is in 32 inches but then you have to pay more to buy the bigger size. In this smart TV you get access to Amazons app store, Amazon stick, Netflix, Hulu, HBO, etc. It has an internet and Ethernet port as well as USB ports. It is also Alexa enabled, but I wouldn’t put too much faith in Alexa’s feature in this TV set. Reviews have said that Alexa doesn’t connect to the TV set. The remote comes with voice commands. The screen quality is fine for a $99.9 TV set, max 720p display. Some have complained about the smell of it after opening the box. If that doesn’t bother you then go ahead. If you call Amazon for help they will reply in a short amount of time and walk you through any difficulties you’re facing.

You can buy it here.


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2)  TCL Roku | 32 Inch Smart TV)

TCL Roku is a TV sold by Amazon. It has 32-inch screen with 3 HDMI ports, a cable port, and a headphone port. It has Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Videos, as well as channels such as HBO, Marvel, and Roku’s own free shows and movies. Although one problem with TCL Roku is the remote. It has no exit button and you have to start again to go back. It doesn’t have a lot of buttons to begin with. The picture quality is practical overall. For $99.99 it’s a pretty good TV and You can buy it here.


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3) Tyler | 13.3-Inch Digital LED HDTV

Tyler’s Digital LED HDTV screen display can go up to 1080 p on most programs. The screen quality is exceptionally amazing for $99.95. The channels look similar to those as plasma TV sets. It has an HDMI port and is 13.3 inches wide. Even in broad daylight you can see the screen easily. The sound is troublesome but with the help of Amazon’s staff it can be fixed. The setup is a bit difficult since the whole TV set is small. The remote is slightly difficult to deal with as it is small, so the buttons are close. It makes it hard to press on the exact button you are looking for. The warranty can make it easy to return the TV set back.

But overall the Tyler Digital LED TV is worth the price you pay. It’s a good bachelor TV for a small apartment and you can buy it here.

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