A Touch of Stone and Snow-Book review

A Touch of Stone and Snow-Book review

A Touch of Stone and Snow by Milla Vane is the second book in A Gathering of Dragons, one of the best fantasy series we’ve read in a long time. Every single book is EPIC and so intricately woven into a mammoth story. It’s not often it takes us a week to read just one book, however, Milla Vane is literally the queen of fleshing out her storyline and her characters. Because of the continuing quest to defeat a common mythical enemy, we HIGHLY recommend reading in order, especially if you love barbaric and erotic fantasy romance as much as we do. This series speaks straight to our fantasy book-loving hearts. Intense, mysterious, harrowing, dramatic, action-filled and super passionate. This series is everything and the way in which it is written, SUPERB! We cannot even begin to adequately pay homage to this incredible series and Author.

We first heard of The Destroyer in A Heart of Blood and Ashes, which was Ran Maddek and Queen Yvenne story, and his impending arrival to slay and defeat the realms is causing terror. Factions of warrior men and women not fleeing but rather instigating an uprising, whilst the rest seek refuge and protection from the mythical Gods. The world-building in this series by Milla Vane continues to astound us, this Author is outstanding! Honestly, if we could give her a standing ovation in person we would. It’s mesmerizing, addictive, flawless and compelling, the scenery easily conjured up in our minds from the vivid and eerily evocative writing.

Lizzan, currently in exile, is on a personal quest to battle and clear her family’s name from the shame she has brought upon them. She’s a fighter with a heart that’s bigger than can be comprehended. We knew there was something incredibly special about her from the start, and we championed her till the end despite our worry over her wanting to die a hero. Whilst on her path she’s also running from the man she loves, Aerax, the troubled bastard prince of Koth, she grew to love with all her heart. The warrior monster of a man who owns her heart and now owns ours. Not only is this series a treat fantasy-wise, which would be amazing as a Netflix series, in A Touch of Stone and Snow the second chance romance is compelling, beautiful and incredibly passionate. The tension and the chemistry was scorching. The battle, the twists and the mythical aspect, enticing. This series is a masterpiece of epic proportions!

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