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Themed Cafes in Islamabad

It looks like that all the modern and beautifully structured restaurants and cafes are going to lose their business as of dining is changing through out the country, people are more inclined toward the weird and unique themed restaurants and cafes. Recently, there has been a flood of new cafes jumping up in all pieces of the nation yet these spots are different  from the ones you may have seen previously.

They are not like the famous perfectly structured, elegant with beautiful set tables restaurants, these are themed cafes that are hoping to focus on an unmistakable crowd. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true, Islamabad is the most recent city to be struck by this new idea of themed restaurants. And these cafes are the most trending and visited one.

Cafe Crossbones – Pakistan’s First Horror Themed Café


Need to bounce directly out of your seat? Then cafe crossbones is a must  visit place for you, the most recent and the most terrifying cafe in Islamabad on PWD street. But let me say visit on risk because you are not visiting any other normal cafe, architecture, embious, even menu is pretty creepy. Dreadful dolls, skulls,scary wall hangings, frightening little animals imitated on your food, it’s a bad dream for anybody and everybody! It resembles a person or thing is continually watching you and you don’t have the foggiest idea what may make you bounce in your seat straightaway. Whoopee!

2. Ruler’s Landing Café – Game of Thrones


Did the idea of eating like the lannisters ever enter your thoughts? All things considered, you don’t need to ponder about that any longer Islooites considering the fact that Game of Thrones has advanced toward Islamabad. That is correct my friends from Islamabad and Rawalpindi, there’s another Café around and it’s called King’s Landing Café and Grill in Phase 4, Bahria Town Islamabad. Begun by 5 fresh graduates, they were so enamored with GoT that they felt free to make a business out of it! This should not shock anyone that the things in the menu are likewise motivated by GoT and a portion of the things on the menu are named Sand Snake Pasta, the Cheesy Khaleesi, the Hound’s Chicken, King of the Andals, and Valar Spaghetti Pasta. The place remains filled specially with GOT fans and doing great.

3. Hogwart’s Café – Harry Potter Themed Café


Clutch your wands and caps potter heads since something otherworldly is here in Islamabad. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true, the widely adored wizard and youth legend presently has a cafe in PWD, close to Bahria Town, Islamabad. With extracts from the books everywhere hanging from the roofs,  Chandeliers made out of wood and photos of the people of Hogwarts, the spot is ideal for a potter head to plunk down and remember the book with other potter heads.

So in the event that you are ever in the mind-set to be creeped out of your skin, feel like a ruler or a wizard, you presently have three magnificent spots you can make a beeline for and experience the enchantment of these books and shows direct at these cafes in Islamabad.