You all must have heard of the famous “Tiktok” application, which is trending in youngsters now a days. In this application people make a selfie video while acting on different songs and dialogues. Recently a challenge have been trending on  this app called “I just Flipped the switch” challenge and believe me videos people are making are hilarious to the next level. In this challenge people are making videos solo, with their children  their friends,  siblings or significant others on the famous song “Non Stop” by Drake. Don’t know about it? Have a look and enjoy yourself.

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This challenge no doubt gave a new life to Drake’s  song Non stop.  People are making hilarious and crazy selfie videos and sharing on tik tok application

People are making hilarious videos while the get up changes as soon as the flip is switched .

Such kind of challenges are introduced time to time and people go crazy over them and make them to trending list. Watch a comedy video explaining how much crazy people go for these challenges

People are posting the videos with their babies also and it’s super cute. Have a look at these super cute father son duo

Couple are making funny videos with unique outfit swaps

I hope this blog has brought a smile on your face. Enjoy these hilarious videos and if you want , take part in this challenge and post a funny video of yours

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