For self-improvement firstly you should clear the idea of self-improvement in your minds. What is “Self- Improvement”? It’s something meant to be done on other people view? The clear answer to this question is No, we should never ever allow everyone to evaluate us. Then who should do it? You yourself can be the best critic of yourself or to the maximum your close family like your parents or siblings can help you get a reality check as it is well said,“ The only person you are destined to be is the person you decide to be.”

How To Start?

 You might have a question in your minds that what should be the first steps for self -improvement? Where to Start? Few things are mandatory for self- improvement that are as follows:

  • Self accountability.
  • Admit your shortcomings.
  • Clear your mind about what needs to b changed in you.
  • Have confidence in yourself that you can achieve what you want.
  • Get help from your family/ close friends for a reality check.




Techniques for Self -Improvement

  1. Getting work done

   Get the work done and don’t find excuses for delaying your works. Make a to-do list for your day and get the job done without delay. Arrange your list from small tasks to time taking tasks, get small tasks done immediately.

  1. Structure your time

You must have heard the famous proverb “All work and no play makes jack a dull boy” Follow the same rule manage your hours and balance your work time, personal time and social time. In this way you will get your jobs done on time, able to socialize, and get some “me time” also.

  1. Set smart goals

     Your goals must be smart. They must be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time bound. Setting his short of goals will help you not only achieve them but give you internal satisfaction as you will remain aware about your progress.

  1. Track your productive hours

     Keep a check on your productivity. Count at the end of the day how many productive task you did, for your self, your society or your family. Try increasing your productive hours.

  1. Take mindful actions

For self- improvement your mind must be at peace. Don’t get into your tasks so much that they turn boring f0r you and you end up quitting them. Set simpler goals and focus on doing it with perfection. Don’t panic for completing before the deadline, don’t stress yourself. If you fail it one time try again, be patient with your self and start again.

What not to do?

Following attitudes end up making you frustrated and not trying to improve yourself.

  • Over thinking – Don’t think too much. It will end up making you confused personality and you are more likely to make mistakes.
  • Listening to everybody– Getting reviews about yourself is good for improvement but listening to everybody and changing yourself according to that is not good, don’t do it.
  • Quick assumptions– Don’t jump to assumption about other people’s actions. Don’t think everything is about you. You would end up being anti- social.
  • Not sticking to your goals– Not remembering your daily goals leads to not doing them hence you end up not improving yourself.

Advantages of Self -Improvement

Self- improvement has great effect on one’s life. A person who makes efforts for self -improvement

  • Leads a happy life
  • Learns new skills
  • Can handle problems bett
  •  Improves relationships with himself and others
  • Leads a healthy life
  • Has a successful career and personal life
  • Inspires others
  • Feels good
  • Discovers himself
  • Over comes fear

To conclude this discussion, I would say that self- improvement is the act that not only benefits the person himself but also the society because good people make good society, Everyone should be one’s own invigilator and try to be a better version of himself for a better, contented and happy life. We should also try to help each other in this by motivating other.

There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.

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