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ISIS leader

ISIS Leader Killed by US Troops

ISIS leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, was cornered and killed by the US troops on 26th of October, 2019. President Donald Trump, on the very same day, tweeted that ‘something very big has happened.’ Moments later CNN reported that the ISIS leader has been cornered by the military troops and he blew himself up when he realized them approaching. The man was in-between Syrian and Turkish border. That raised a lot of questions towards Turkey. Analysts were questioning the comfort and trust of Baghdadi to be near Turkey.


ISIS leader

ISIS leader was a self-proclaimed Caliph of Islam. Newsweek was the first to report the incident. It was rumored that ISIS leader was probably found dead. Initially most people assumed this was a publicity stunt by USA, to remove a name from the list of people they’ve ‘captured.’ In the past USA claimed that they had killed Osama bin Laden, but as it turned out apparently, he was sitting in Quetta, Pakistan. The public, nor I, know the whole story for the sole reason that they assured the world that Osama bin Laden has been killed but he was found after a few years in solitude. Either the killing or the latter was a publicity stunt to ruin the name of Pakistan. Or maybe they didn’t actually kill him and when found later, made sure it made the news before anyone else did. Or maybe they saw his ghost.

ISIS leader

When Trump, later that day, held a meeting in regard to the story, it was a confirmation that ISIS leader, Baghdadi, had indeed been killed. The Kurdish Democratic Forces called an ‘incident’ after the whole event as a success. It is still unclear what they were labeling the success of. After Trumps speech it was sad to hear how poorly he used words to describe the ISIS leader’s death. God knows who writes that man’s speeches. It was a huge achievement for United States that they had finally taken down ISIS leader, Baghdadi.

President Donald Trump tried his best to make this whole incident look like they made him sorry for what he did. At this point no one can confirm nor deny the claims. Trump took full advantage of it and created a whole story of how the ISIS leader died.

ISIS leader

But killing Baghdadi does not imply that ISIS is dead. We can assume that the death of ISIS leader is a victory for us, however that is never the case. Baghdadi probably named another leader in the event of his death, who is probably in command of ISIS by now. These terrorist groups change names with new leaders. But they never die. Maybe after all of what happened they will strike back harder and more severe. And sadly these terrorist groups causing harm in the name of Islam hurt Muslims the most. Muslims are hated for acts they don’t even believe in and are stripped of their right as human beings. Sadly, no one can explain this to those who have fixated their views of ISIS being the real Islam.

Here is Trumps Speech on the matter: