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Joker Movie Review by DSRN Blogs

Amid many different controversies, Joker was said to be a global success, raking in $192.7 million, making it the most successful movie in October so far.


For those who don’t know this legendary character, Joker is a famous DC villain who’s a psychotic man dressed as a clown who is well-learned in the art of persuasion, manipulation and strategy. He is mostly known for causing chaos and mayhem in Gotham city and is reckoned by many as the archenemy of the Batman. His trademark symbol is the clown face that he paints over his own, causing him to look wickedly creepy yet his smile is the most unnerving part of his whole personality.


Although he has been played by many talented actors over the years, very few have been able to match the comic version of the Joker. The most notable name in this very short list is the one and only Heath Ledger, who won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his exceptional role as the Joker. Jared Leto, who played the Joker in the 2016 film “Suicide Squad”. Although his role wasn’t as prominent as everyone expected, he made the best of his opportunity.


Now, coming to the point, the 2019 solo film of the Joker has created a rift in many famous award giving organizations, including The Academy. The reason for this rift is because some think that Joker was an amazing film. Others thought it was inappropriate and shouldn’t have been released in a world with so many unstable people who could be inspired by this. Some didn’t know which way to vote! Circumstances like this have been very rare where The Academy are having trouble as to whether they should give the Joker an Oscar or not, which just shows how good the Joker really is.

About Movie

Coming to the movie itself, the Joker is the origin story of a man, Arthur Fleck, who is a psychological patient with a condition of laughing too much and without control. The film showed him as a low-income citizen living with his mother in a small apartment and worked as a clown. The film showed pretty accurately the state in which he was living in Gotham City. As things escalated with a few murders here and there, the film showed the slow yet gradual transformation of the nice Arthur Fleck who wanted to make the world smile into the psychotic Joker who was determined to root out the people he deemed to be the cause of the failing system.


In my opinion, this movie showed how people with mental illness and instability aren’t always born. But they are shaped and pushed by society to the breaking point, the point where they’re just damaged beyond repair. Fair warning: people who are easily triggered should not watch this film as it is full of them. But the people who love the DC comics with a touch of horror/thriller, this is one to watch.


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