Kashmir has been a disputed land ever since Pakistan and India went their separate ways. Half of it went to Pakistan and the rest to India. Kashmir has always been a land only for Muslims majority to live on. Other minorities include Buddhists and Sikhs.  Or so we thought. Chaos rose when Indian Parliament passed the bill Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization Act, 2019 on 5th August, revoking article 370.

What is Article 370?

Article 370 was a ticket of freedom for Jammu and Kashmir. It consisted of the following:

  • Autonomous Status
  • Make Own Laws
  • Property Ownership and Citizen Ownership
  • Fundamental Rights
  • Separate Flag

Foreign affairs, defense and communication, although, remained with the Indian government. All in all, Kashmir was a separate state in article 370, while being attached to India.

Under Mohdi’s governance this article was revoked, and all hell broke loose. There are many theories as to why they revoked Kashmir’s right as a separate state. Some assume it was because Imran Khan, PM of Pakistan, was trying to attain Indian Occupied Kashmir. Others assume it is because it was part of Mohdi’s 2019 election manifesto. But that doesn’t matter at this point. After passing the bill, there was a curfew improvised where everything was at a lockdown. No net or cell services, no media connection, shops closed and Indian troops everywhere to ‘maintain the status quo.’ Anyone who tries to fight for freedom is brutally beaten or killed without remorse.

India tried to hide this by avoiding any news coverage. But they could only hide it for so long. Imran Khan openly explained the whole situation of Kashmir during his UN Speech on 27 September 2019. Here is the full speech on YouTube.

The gist of the speech, regarding Kashmir, is that he explained that he approached Mohdi and was shut down. Khan took the forum and told the world what was really happening in Kashmir, all the lock down, cell service issues and Indian troops killing the innocent. It stunned the world, as before the speech not a lot of the world actually saw India as a state that terrorized human on their own agenda. The speech brought to light Kashmir’s situation and diverted everyone attention there.


What’s happening in Kashmir now?

As of recent news, India has officially split Kashmir into two territories, Kashmir and Ladakh. CNN talks more as to how this affects control as a whole. In short, they are trying to gain more control over Muslim occupied territories. Anyone who can read between the lines can understand what Mohdi’s real agenda is.

It has been 92 days since the lock down of Kashmir. Families and friends cannot seem to get in-touch with their loved ones and do not know when they will be able to talk or see them again. People who have worked in the IT are out of jobs. Pakistan has rejected Kashmir on Indian map. Read the whole article here.

Whether you are Indian or Pakistani, or anyone around the world with no sympathies to the whole situation, all Rajneeti/Siyasat/Politics aside, the barbaric acts to ‘punish’ the innocent local people is taking it too far. If you’re human and believe in humanity, the aspect of brutally beating a human for leisure or forcing your beliefs down someone’s throat is inhumane. May this insanity come to an end. #NeverForgetKashmir


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