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Kate and William

Kate and William Visit Pakistan

Pakistan was very thrilled to hear that the Duchess and Duke, Kate and William, were going to visit Pakistan. It had been 13 years since the last royal visit, and everyone was waiting for the magic to happen. Its safe to say that it met their expectations. Kate and William seemed happy, and so did the Prime Minister, Imran Khan. Everyone was on their toes to keep this a successful and safe visit for the royal family. They visited for three days and all eyes were on TV. All news was kept aside, and Kate and William were on every news screen. All morning shows and evening analyst were constantly showing the royal family for three days.

On their arrival a red carpet was rolled out to welcome the couple. Kate’s dress seemed so magical and fairy tale like that the it seemed like Cinderella was walking down the ball room, ready to dance with prince charming. Thereafter, Shah Mahmood Qureshi and his wife greeted them with flowers.


Day 1 – Islamabad


Kate and William on day 1 had to tour selected places of Islamabad, the Capital City of Pakistan. Due to security concerns they could only go to so many places in such little time. They started the tour by visiting a government school in Islamabad. Probably the best and picture worthy government school they could find in Islamabad. Princess Kate was wearing traditional Pakistani clothes while Prince William wore dress shirt and dress pants. They spoke to the children and, thank God, the children behaved themselves. Wheew. Pakistan was saved there. Thanks kids!

Kate and William then took a detour to trail 5, one of the most beautiful hiking trails in Islamabad. Evidently it has small streams running on the sides and is fairly green and clean. A truly aesthetic place to take the royal couple. They then went about to meet with PM Imran Khan and President Arif Alvi. Old memories of Princess Diana and PM Imran Khan were renewed. The couple and PM had their laughs and giggles over small talk and light conversations.

The day was wrapped up by the glamorous couple wearing dazzling clothes. They arrived at the Pakistan Monument looking like a power couple. That’ll show Meghan and Harry. Kate and William rode to the Monument in a rickshaw painted traditionally and lit with neon lights, enough to wow the crowd but subtle to the extent that it didn’t steal the attention from Kate’s shining dress and William’s sherwani. Pakistan was swooning over their appearance stunt. Price William then gave a speech, giving traditional greetings and thanking for the tour. He then spoke about the change of climate, girl’s education and most importantly, the strengthening of the UK and Pakistan bond.

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Day 2 – Chitral


When the royal couple arrived in Chitral they were immediately gifted a traditional Chitrali cap and shawl. Kate wore the cap and shawl instantly, with a huge smile on her face. They, initially, went to a glacier where the Duke and Duchess spoke about climate change and how it was affecting the Northern Areas of Pakistan. Prince William had fair knowledge about the area and wanted to work on the education system and awareness on climate change.

Kate and William then were greeted by the Kalash people, where upon their arrival, Kate received another traditional female Chitrali cap. They royal couple was warmly welcomed by the traditional songs and dances.

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Day 3 – Lahore


Kate and William started their tour by a formal meeting with the governor of Punjab. They spoke about strengthening ties between UK and Pakistan. After their meeting, the Duke and Duchess went to SOS Village, a very well-known orphanage in Pakistan. There they celebrated one of the kid’s birthday and spoke with the children. Kate even gave a lighthearted speech about family. I hope that didn’t offend anyone there.

After that, the royal couple went to Pakistan Cricket Board and played cricket with the team. It was a joyous and thoughtful sight to see after constant news about Kashmir. A change of pace in the news for once. If there’s something UK and Pakistan have in common its passion for cricket. They both played enthusiastically and everyone around them were filled with delight. They spoke to the people around, giving them the pep talk.

Kate and William were then escorted to Badshahi Mosque, one of Pakistan’s most historical places. Kate was seen wearing a scarf over her head in respect to the place and people. News anchors and reports were comparing her etiquette to those of Princess Diana’s.

Their third day was wrapped up by a visit to one of the Shaukat Khanum Hospital, made by the Prime Minister himself, before coming to power.

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Princess Kate and Prince Williams had a small mishap before going home. Their plane was struck by lightning, elongating their stay. Talk about Pakistani traditions and over welcoming your stay. They finally went to Nur Khan base and headed home safely. All jokes apart, their stay gave Pakistan a lot of international media in a positive light and Pakistani’s welcomed them warmly and wholeheartedly. It is a trip everyone will remember.