LA CASA DE PAPEL – Money Heist

LA CASA DE PAPEL – Money Heist

If you still haven’t heard about this show, you’re probably living under a rock! Alex Pina’s Money Heist got wildly popular soon after its first season. A group of professionals robbing the Bank of Spain, who wouldn’t want to see that? Comedy, crime, drama, romance and a bucket load of anticipation. All under one roof! The show is originally in Spanish language but got so popular that an English dubbed version was soon released on Netflix. However, I feel that the dubbed version does not express the emotions of the dialogues as much as the original version does. So, if you want to get into the feels of the show, I would recommend you to watch it in Spanish with subtitles of course!

Spoilers ahead for people who still haven’t watched the series

From the theme song to the storyline, the creators had us all hooked! The revival of the song “Bella Ciao” was one of the best things that the show has given us. While the theme song sung by Cecilia Krull has a separate fan base. Till now, Money Heist has given us three thrilling seasons with a few of the most unexpected moments. Whether it was Berlin rolling down Tokyo to the police for disobeying him or TOKYO RIDING BACK INTO THE BANK after escaping from the police, it was all too much for us to take. However, one of the major twists of the story was the transition of Raquel to Lisbon. Fans still can’t wrap their heads around this plot and think that it looked too ‘unreal’. Some of the fans went as far as saying that the character of Lisbon does not blend well in the story.

The end of season 3 left us with more questions than ever. Will Nairobi survive being shot in the chest? How are the police going to use Lisboa to their advantage? Is Berlin’s girlfriend still a part of this heist? Who is going to die this season? The anticipation is real! The promotion campaign is not making it any easier for us. Recently, a red suitcase filled with money was found on the luggage belt of the Frankfurt airport. Each suitcase had the name of the cast member stamped on it. TALK ABOUT THINKING OUTSIDE OF THE BOX!

Fans are now buzzing and have all sorts of predictions for season 4. Some of them insinuate;

  • That Nairobi might not make it to season 4 (I HOPE THAT’S NOT TRUE). Nairobi was in a bad shape in the last episode and chances of survival looked slim to none. Nevertheless, we can always hope that they don’t kill our favorite character (fingers crossed).

  • Raquel might turn against the team and sign a deal that offers her a clean slate. Considering that she has her daughter and mother on the stake, we wouldn’t blame her if she did.

  • The death of one or two of the masks is inevitable. Fans have predicted that it will be either Denver, Rio or Helsinki

  • With a lot of twists and turns, the team will successfully go through with the heist end up raining money all over Spain.

  • However, another major prophecy is that everyone dies except Tokyo and the whole series is her telling Cincinnati (Denver and Stockholm’s son) how his parents died.

Whatever the guesses might be, we can’t wait for the next season that is announced to be premiered on January 2020

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