How to make self quarantine productive

How to make self quarantine productive

As we all know that due the prevailing situation, where whole world is suffering from pandemic named “COVID-19”, doctors have advised to stay at home and isolate yourself to sop the spread of this disease. Now many people are finding it very difficult to stay at home all the time and not able to live their normal lives. Here are some interesting and productive activities which will help you go through this phase and will even benefit you in life after that.

1. Read a book

Read a book from the category you are interested in or of he writer you like reading. Try choosing a informative and thought proving book. It will for sure give you a great feeling and keep you away from boredom.

2. Watch  movies or seasons

Is their any movie or season you were planning to watch but couldn’t due to busy schedule? Now is the best time to see that. Other than that you can also select any interesting movie or a season to watch and have a quality time during self quarantine.

3. Start learning a new language 

 Knowing multiple language is always a privilege, it benefits a person in many ways. So choose a language of famous country and start learning it through online tutorials and books available.

4. Learn any musical Instrument

Many of you must be really much into music and some of you must also have interested in musical instruments. Take full advantage of these days and learn any musical instrument you like. It will surely keep you occupied.

5. Learn to cook famous dishes

 Cooking good food is a great skill to have. Surf famous dishes of different countries and start learning to cook that. Prepare different dishes and enjoy with your family.

6. Write a journal

Journaling  helps you in different aspects, it help you keep record of our life events and also improve your writing skills. Start a habit of keeping a journal and take advantage of  these days.

7. Focusing on your body

Your body needs your attention so it can perform to the fullest but most of us are unable to do so due o our hectic life. Now, given the opportunity focus on  your body, learn some of the indoor yoga and perform them. Focus on what you eat,  with physical health also focus on your mental health. Meditate!!

8. Play indoor games  

Their many interested in door games for amusement in this stressful time. Play these games with your family. This will also give you a good family time memory.

9. Complete the delayed tasks

There must of lots of house hold task you must be delaying because you didn’t get enough time. Get the satisfaction of completing them now.

10. Take online courses

 Many websites offer online courses in different fields which would help you get knowledge and skill and can be really useful in life afterwards. Opt a subject of your interest and take a course of it

11. Family Time

Lastly with the activities of your interest also give more time o your family. Interact more, have quality family time as we don’t gt this opportunity in normal days.

Though it is a difficult time for all the world butt we should try to turns these days into a great opportunity to do things which  we are unable to do normally and be productive I end with a prayer that his calamity pass quickly and all the affectes  get healthy soon. Stay Home Stay Save!!

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