Mental Health

Mental Health

Mental health is a most important aspect of the person’s life as it might be connected to other aspects of life. It affects person’s physical health too, socializing and other life matters. A sound mind is a must for a happy life. Mental Health is related to various fields of life i.e. education, career and relationships. If any person is sensitive about any field of life and struggling that may lead to depression and poor mental condition.

Mental health is the core element which determines the basic course of one’s life. It is often believed that it is okay for people to be depressed, damaged and bottling up their emotions just because this has become a new trend and almost everyone is suffering from it. Especially in our society, men are supposed to be tough, and they should not let their feeling overwhelm them. This kind of thinking is damaging people in so many ways. It is OKAY to feel depressed, it is OKAY to express your emotions but along with it is important to seek help. Talk to a friend, appoint a therapist, find new productive ways to spend your time to move forward in life. Apart from all this we have observed that suicide rate has increased enormously and people around us influence us greatly.

We should be a helping hand to people suffering instead of mocking them no matter how minute the problem may seem to us. Lift people up rather than letting them down. Once we realize that the world is not only a place of hardships only but life also brings us good parts that are yet to come and worth the wait, it might help in curing the feeling of disappointing, despair and hopelessness. Reaching out to our trust ones can bring us comfort which we may not expect. DONOT LOSE HOPE, KEEP GOING, FOR THERE IS MANY MORE TO COME. Focus on your mental heath as well other and pull up others too so that you are not cause of someone’s bad mental health. Rather give hope to others too.

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