Mod Skot Eye-shadow Palette by Zay Beauty

Mod Skot Eye-shadow Palette by Zay Beauty

So the makeup product that I’m going to review today is from new Pakistani makeup brand in the market known as Zay Beauty. And the product is their Mod Skot Eye-shadow Palette. I feel so good when I see these new Pakistan based makeup brands coming out. With new reasonable and most importantly good quality makeup products. Zay beauty Mod Skot Palette retails for only 2799 Rs on their website.

When I saw this palette on their social media pages the first thing that attracted me was the traditional Pakistani vibe that this Mod Skot palette gives because of the packaging and shades names.

Let’s talk about Mod Skot palette’s packaging first it comes in a dark purple cardboard packaging with the Golden Mehndi type design at its front giving of very attractive traditional Pakistani vibe along with the brand name at the front that’s Zay Beauty. On the back of the packaging there is a line written “A Pakistani slang used to describe Modern fashionista” I don’t know about you guys but this palette gives me very 90’s vibe and also there is a sign of this makeup product being cruelty free, that’s always a plus point in any makeup or skincare products.

Inside the palette, there are 18 different shades. The color range that Zay Beauty selected for the palette is quite nice and day to day usable shades. Another attractive thing about Mod Skot palette is every eyeshadow is named after very cultural Pakistani females name like Amna which is a metallic blue shade, Natasha that’s a deep brown crease shade, Ruqaiya, Aisha etc.

I will really recommend this palette for all the ladies that are beginners in makeup world and learning how to ace an eye makeup to have Mod Skot palette in their vanity because the 18 shades are distributed in four categories in the palette making it easy for the beginners to understand eye makeup techniques. First two rows are labeled as Lid Metallic consist of 8 shiny metallic shades for your eyelid.

Then next row is the Crease Blenders have four deep brown and pink shades for your crease blending. Next, we have Dimensional 3 shades use to at the outer V shape of the eye to make it more define and give more dimension. Then lastly there are 3 Brightener shades for enhancing the browbone and the inner corner of the eyes. And also there is a shade in this name Ruqaiya which is a yellowish white matte shade which is best for setting your eyelid after priming it. So you get a color range for all the steps in the eye makeup process making it easy for the beginners. Another plus point is it comes with the mirror inside the palette.

Color pigmentation of the Lid Metallics and Crease Blenders is superb and also very easy to blend. The Shade Aisha is perfect highlighting shade for our Asian tone skin you can use it as your face highlighter. The only issue that I have with the Mod Skot palette is its Dimensional shades. I found them to be patchy and they move around on the lid when you apply it and are difficult to blend.
Overall Perfect palette for the beginners and day to day use. Highly Recommended!


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