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Nescafe Basement season 5 – Opening with a BANG!

So, we all are very well familiar with the name of the Coke Studio. And there was a time when whole nation used to get very excited by seeing teasers of Coke Studio. Because no doubt it was the number one Pakistani music television series until Rohail Hayat was the one producing it. After him, well we all know what happened. Then came the Nescafe Basement produced by Zulfiqar J.Khan aka Xulfi. We all know him from the very well-known rock band EP (we are still heartbroken that they didn’t last) and the band Call. Nescafe Basement is the only “quality” Pakistani Music series that features live recorded music. By many very talented Under-ground bands, singers and musicians and till this year’s season-opening. Very few knew about its existence but now everyone is talking about the two songs that they just launched their season with.
Nescafe Basement season 5 really hit the hearts of music lovers in Pakistan. Especially the 90’s kids with their remake of the very famous Arabic accented song. “Mehbooba” by our very own but forgotten Haroon Rashid. And trust me the remake is nothing like you remember from last year’s Coke Studio…. If you know what I mean…

Nescafe Basement season

Nescafe Basement did the justice to the original song. With the right music, right instruments and the very talented new voices and musicians. What made me feel really happy and shocked was seeing a very young little 10 years old drummer. That they had playing for them in the song and made me think how talented we Pakistanis really are.
This remake really did what it was produced for and that is putting us 90’s kid in nostalgia. Don’t believe me?
Look at these…

Nescafe Basement season
Well yes, same…
Nescafe Basement season
YES!! Right in the feels man.
Nescafe Basement season
Let’s see what the Star himself has to say..


Nescafe Basement season

And then there are people like this..

Nescafe Basement season

Matlab yar…Okay!
Now, let’s talk about the second song of the Nescafe Basement season 5 that is “Bol Hu”. A very soulful Sufi track sung by the band SOCH featuring an 8-year-old girl Hadiya Hashmi. We all already love SOCH with their song “Awari” and songs in the movie Verna but the nation is going crazy about the voice of the Hadiya Hashmi. And how well she contributed in this heavy Sufi track with such a deep soulful voice.
Just look at this pretty face…

Nescafe Basement season
And not just a pretty face but also a Powerful Voice.
Nescafe Basement season

And when she says “Kya hai tu …kaun ha tu…Soch zara”.
It’s just too adorable and hard at the sametime to handle.
And when he says
“Khali khali ankhon se sapne bunta ja
Mun apne ki kar le tu sb ki suntan ja
Tooti tooti saanson se larta ja bharta ja
Tukra tukra kr k qismat chunta ja”
These words shake the soul.
Enough from my side let’s see what the nation has to say

Nescafe Basement season

She’s just a fifth grader guysss and now I JUST CANNOT!!!

Nescafe Basement season

Well kinda TRUE.

Nescafe Basement season

After this Nescafe Basement episode, Coke Studio has to step up its game and Well, Coke Studio in the next season JAAGNA TOH PAREGA!!