The Umbrella Acadamy- Netflix Season Review

The Umbrella Acadamy- Netflix Season Review

Originally derived from comic book,Umbrella Academy is a show that centres around seven children born mysteriously to women who were not pregnant. These children were tracked down by an eccentric billionaire Mr Hargrevees and he adopted them. As they grew it was discovered that each of them had different powers. Each kid is given a number as their name and is trained in respect to their powers. The kids are assembled into a superhero squad called The Umbrella Academy,one kid is left behind from this team which you will discover in the series as to reasons why that happened. Due to the cold and unloving behavior of their father soon all the children leave and draw apart.

The series shows how the death of their father brings us together and they face challenges against common enemy to savethe world.The story is bought to life with characters which maynot seem much interesting in the start like the outcast Vanya whose autobiography seemingly ruined the academy or the drug-addict Klaus. The show maintains curiosity and attention of the audiance to the very end. You will be hooked to your laptop until you find out what’s next.The series not have much action as compared to Marvel or X-men series but it’s simplicity makes it even more worth watching.We see the charcters standing up for each other and using their powers in mysterious ways. The beautiful cineamatography,voice effects and the direction makes it appealing to the viewers. A touch of dark humor keeps the series on a lighter note. Each character manifests a different personality due to which they don’t like each other much and have coindicing idologies.

No matter how toughly they were brought up,we observe compassion,empathy and kind emotions among them. We see the emotional personalities of characters underneath their superhero persona. The childhood traumas follow them to their adult life has great role in shaping their character.The series was released in 2019 and is continued for second season which came in July 2020. If you are looking for suspence,drama,action and sci-fi all in one you would love to watch this series.

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