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What Is New in WhatsApp Beta?


WhatsApp has launched yet another new version for its users known as WhatsApp Beta. The Company now owned by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and functioning under Chief Will Cathcart has announced the confirmation of many latest features for the application.

WhatsApp has been known to come up with new and interesting features now and then. Whether it is the end-to-end encryption, new privacy policies, story features, or emoji collections including different people representing different groups and other such signs. Every time the application introduces new features or updates, it always has something different in store for its users.

This time it has come up with a bunch of new updates in the Beta Version that we will have a look at in this article.

Multi-Device Feature

WhatsApp has very recently announced that it will soon launch its multi-device feature for users, as confirmed by Cathcart and Zuckerberg. The public testing of this feature for the users of the beta version will be launched in a couple of months. The CEO of WhatsApp acknowledged how challenging the entire drill has been that they have been working on it for quite a while. The main challenge was to sync all the content and data of WhatsApp.

The previous version of WhatsApp would require you to log out of one device to sign in to another. This particular feature, however, will enable users to log in to more than one device without logging out. This way you can have up to four devices to log in to your WhatsApp.

Disappearing Mode

WhatsApp introduced its disappearing messages feature last year that enabled users to send timed messaged that will eventually disappear from the chat. The application has now developed an extension to this feature known as the disappearing mode.

Unlike the disappearing messages feature that enables chats to disappear individually, the disappearing mode has been created to directly apply to all chats. This will automatically delete all the messages in each chat and group within a week.

View Once Option

Other than disappearing messages that still require seven days to be erased from an individual or group chat, Zuckerberg and Cathcart have introduced yet another feature. In this case, the user does not have to wait for seven days for the message to disappear.

The new View Once option in WhatsApp only allows the user to view the message once, be it a text or media. This feature is similar to the Snapchat feature. After the recipient has viewed the message, it will be automatically deleted.

Muting Videos Before Sharing

Another news that has been going around is the video muting feature in the beta version of WhatsApp. It was reported that the feature will allow the users to mute the sound of a video before sending it. This is similar to the options one gets on Snapchat and Instagram stories before posting a video. For WhatsApp, this will be available in the beta version. Some bug fixes need to be done before finally introducing the feature to the app.

This video mute option will be available on the screen for editing videos, with text editing and emoji options alongside. The way to go about it is going to be simple just like the feature in other social media apps mentioned above. The volume button available on the editing screen will enable the sender to mute and unmute the video before sending it. The other features are reported to remain the same but it is still not confirmed when the app will launch this feature in the beta version.

Another interesting feature that has been reported to be introduced is an improved version of WhatsApp Web or Desktop. This will consist of biometric verification for these WhatsApp platforms. moreover, it is also believed that WhatsApp will soon introduce call options for WhatsApp Web and Desktop for both audio and video options.

WhatsApp Web/Desktop Call Options

The one thing that users wish WhatsApp could introduce is the option of calling directly from the computers. It has been reported that the app will be releasing this feature for WhatsApp Web and Desktop where users can make both audio and video calls directly through the platform without picking up their phones. As of now, it is clear that the users will have to work with the call options on their smartphones.

Zuckerberg and Cathcart are known to be working on a beta tester version of WhatsApp selectively to check out how it can be executed. Some of the users have reported that they have come across the video and audio call options on WhatsApp Web but the confirmed launch of the feature is still not announced.

So how is this feature expected to work? As some of the users have mentioned seeing the call option on their Web app, it is still not clear how it will enable them to make or take calls on a computer system. It has been reported that this call feature will open a separate window for incoming calls where you will have the choice of accepting or declining the call.

The user interface for WhatsApp Web calls will be similar to one for ongoing calls. The option is reported to appear near the search button on the chat window top. When the user makes calls, a new, smaller window will appear on the screen. The same will be the case when the user gets an incoming.

However, it does not guarantee that when one downloads the Android WhatsApp beta version, they will be able to use this call feature on Desktop or Web version as well. The company is working on prioritizing the desktop version for WhatsApp to gradually introduce this feature for WhatsApp Web as well.

Even though these speculations have been going on among different information sources, there was, however, a mention of this call option support in the upcoming WhatsApp Web version. The new beta update 2.2043.7 did show the call icon on the interface.

On the other hand, when it comes to the smartphone WhatsApp application, we all know how convenient the call option has been for the users. The app allows unlimited calls with just one internet connection to support it. there is no fixed number of calls one can make through this platform. There is also an option to connect with up to eight contacts via WhatsApp call. This calling facility will make it even easier to work with on the desktop or web version of WhatsApp.

Advanced Search Mode for WhatsApp

This feature was already available for iOS users but has been lacking in the Android WhatsApp version. It has been reported that the app has been working on launching this option by selectively testing the beta version on some of the users. This launch, however, is said to be a slow one and since it involves updates on the server end, it will only be available to certain beta version users. The app is expected to introduce the feature to the Android version, but not anytime soon.

Therefore, if you do not find this feature on your device, there is no need to worry about the version you are using. This feature has been seen on the WhatsApp Beta of version and

The feature will allow users to search for different shared media, like audios, links, files, photos, and even messages from chats. All one has to do is enter the name of the required media or message recipient and WhatsApp will guide you to it. Moreover, this feature will also enable the search of different GIFs and stickers in the chat options.

In addition to these characteristics, another important aspect of this feature is yet to explore. Once the advanced search has been launched and is part of the update, it will also enable recipients to verify the forward messages that they receive from different sources. this will prevent a lot of misinformed dissemination of different news.

Furthermore, previously the option of muting chats and groups had a limited period and would need to be muted again. This time, WhatsApp beta will create an update to permanently mute these chats and groups for its users.

New Solid Colors for WhatsApp Beta Android

Previously, the dark mode for both Android and iOS had a simple change with just the mode changing from light. This new WhatsApp beta version promises an update to the monotonous switch from light to dark mode for the Android version. The feature will now also consist of different solid color options to go with the dark mode.

It has been reported that the 2.20.60 WhatsApp beta version has included multiple solid-colored, dark palettes to the dark theme on the app. These colors will not only be available for the dark mode, but also to the light mode users. This new and colorful feature will be accessible to all of the WhatsApp beta users. The difference in the color scheme is the darker shades added to the already existing ones to go with the dark theme.

These latest, innovative features sound so much fun using the WhatsApp beta version. Cathcart and Zuckerberg have changed the game of app experience for their users.