Pakistan New Political Map

Pakistan New Political Map



Pakistan is again having its Ka Ka Ka Kashmir moment. A year after India disavowed the extraordinary status to Jammu and Kashmir, and the decision foundation in Pakistan said in chorale: ‘Kashmir Banega Pakistan’, a ton is by all accounts occurring on the ‘ground’. For Pakistanis, that one-year-old motto is currently a reality.

For Pakistanis, in 2019, it was IJOK (Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir). In 2020, it became IIOJK (Indian Illegally-involved Jammu and Kashmir).

There are the individuals who state that Prime Minister Imran Khan has duplicated the ‘map thought’ from the Prime Minister of Nepal, K.P. Oli, whose administration, through an amendment has an asserted Indian area in new map. Presently the individuals who think Khan is a copycat don’t understand that Pakistan is no Nepal. Who needs to pass by the Constitution or Parliament when you can settle on choices spontaneously? Article 1 (3) of the Pakistani Constitution indicates which states or zones can be included in the country.

As indicated by the new map, Junagadh in Gujarat, which doesn’t impart borders with the country, is currently in Pakistan. As if geography could prevent Germany and Japan from sharing a border for our PM. Why stop at Junagadh? Claim Delhi as well. Hoist the Pakistani flag on Red Fort. It’s a lot simpler to accomplish this on a bit of paper. Marvel why Bangladesh wasn’t added back to the Pakistan map. Gracious, don’t worry about it.

Who needs a Google Map when you have a Naya map that shows wherever you want as a major aspect of your domain? The Kashmir issue will be settled, if just United Nations acknowledges our new map. Be that as it may, the destiny of such a proposition will be like those 99 others Pakistan proposed. We as a whole realize Pakistan’s history at the UN. In spite of the fact that Kashmir undertakings serve Ali Amin Gandapur appears to be not kidding that he’ll offer final offer to UNSC this September to hold a plebiscite in Kashmir. Furthermore, if UNSC doesn’t go along, Gandapur is undermining that he will look for help of the individuals, military and ideological groups. Presently that should unnerve UN.

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