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Imran Khan

PM Imran Khan: A True Visionary

Imran Khan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, is a leader that only a nation can dreamed of. Filled with patriotism, the man has ambition to change Pakistan for the better.  For decades and decades, Pakistan has seen leaders come and go and none of them have worked as much for the country as much as PM Imran Khan has within the span of a year. Truly his popularity has grown immensely over the year. Notably international media is finally starting to recognize Pakistan in a better light. Imran Khans struggle to get where he is now really shows the man’s determination and persistence.

The locals often scratch their heads as to why he is being praised. Imran Khan has gained a lot of criticism from the lower class. However, these are the people who are still loyal to the former leaders of different parties. Despite the media showing them to be disqualified, under investigation, imprisoned even, due to corrupt practices in their own time. Let’s see a list of activities that Imran Khan has initiated and accomplished over the span of a year.


Imran Khan

Tax Reforms

PM Imran Khan asked the nation to declare their assets by June 2019 and claimed that there would be no immense punishment for those people who have out shore accounts to save tax. Citizens refuse to pay taxes because they feared the money would end up in the government’s pockets. Dawn news quoted him and said that only one percent of the whole population was bearing the burden of the entire nation. According to an article in Gulf Times, the IR domestic taxes have increased to 60% and there has been 137% increase of new tax filers within a year. Without his integrity and creating trust with the public this would not have been possible. Here is the article.


Imran Khan

Giving Identity Afghani Refugees

Afghani’s who have been in Pakistan since 2001 to seek refuge from the US invasion have their next have claimed Pakistan as their homeland. They have built houses, businesses and had kids who have been born on Pakistani soil. PM Imran Khan promised them ID cards and has fulfilled his promise. According to Business Recorder, 840,000 Afghan citizens have been given identity. Here is the article.


Imran Khan

Encouraging International Investment

In February 2019 after meetings with the Saudi Prince, Muhammad Bin Salman declared an investment worth $20 billion, which was a huge step in PM Imran Khan’s government. This is the point of PTI’s government where it showed their visible progress. These meetings not only resulted in investment from the Saudi’s but in retrospect proved to be the start of good relations with the nation. International investors, seeing this, started to bring their business in Pakistan as well.


Imran Khan


During September, PM Imran Khan and President Trump met on US territory for three days to discuss the issues concerning the mediation of Taliban in Afghanistan and the US troops who need to come back from the foreign land. PM Imran Khan assured that he would do all that he can in his will power to make that happen. Consequently, what happened later on wasn’t PM Imran Khan’s fault but President Trump pulling out from the negotiations. Here a full article on the issue.

Saudi’s and US officials have approached PM Imran Khan to mediate between Iran and US. In the history of Pakistan never has this happened. The level of trust built by Imran Khan has led him to be approached by strong allies who want peace.


Imran Khan

Responsive Complaint System

PM Imran Khan, under his government introduced the system of online complaints. Dawn News, in the article, state that over 0.5 m complaints have been resolved, inclusive of those of the locals, over-sea’s Pakistani’s as well as foreigners. According to the article, 92% complaints that were registered were resolved. Information by locals filing complaints have all claimed that within the span of 3-5 days the problem was fixed. Here’s the Dawn News article.

If anyone wishes to file an online complaint for the government of Pakistan to see please click here.


Imran Khan

Speech in UN

PM Imran Khan has spoken about the Kashmir issue more so. After the bill passed on 6th August that the land of India Occupied Kashmir (that was initially just a land for Muslims) can be bought by people of other religions. But his speech in the UN on 27th September 2019 has brought to light the issue on an international platform. Kashmir has been under oppression and curfew for 74 days now. There are no internet or cell services. Indian troops are killing those Kashmirs who are fighting for their freedom. Imran Khan and his enthusiasm will hopefully free Kashmir from India’s terrorism soon enough.

PM Imran Khan refused to censor any part of his speech to enlighten the whole world against the acts being committed by Indians in India Occupied Kashmir. He told the whole world the real face of India and the oppression they were commencing in Kashmir. Imran Khan stated facts of how he tried to negotiate with PM Narendra Mohdi and how, in return, Mohdi refused to speak on his end. He compared Mohdi to Hitler.


After advocating for Kashmir, Imran Khan used the platform to it’s extent. And also spoke about the issues faced by Muslims in foreign countries due to Islamophobia. PM Imran Khan took the opportunity and explained the real Islam. He then enlightened the world with the difference between Islam brought by Muhummad (S). And those who claim to ‘Jihad’ in the name if Islam, among other issues. You can view the whole speech on YouTube or read this article for a summary.


PM Imran Khan has had problems since he came to power. Mostly because he has been cleaning up former government’s messes. None the less, his government has worked in a year more than any government that has been established in Pakistan. And finally, Pakistan can see a better, brighter future for the country.