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So the PSL 5 has begun and with it the excitement of cricket fans has also shot to the top. Every gathering’s hot topic of discussion is PSL 5 these days. Specially with youngsters rooting for different teams and supporting them it feels like war like situation during the game. As the tournament is organized in Pakistan so lots of people also visit to view live match, making our cricket grounds live and cheerful again. With the happiness of the tournament we also see some gloomy faces of the supporters of the team that loses. But looking at the spectacular craziness of Pakistani’s for cricket we must say cricket brings happiness at home.

Have a look at schedule of psl 5 here.


Want to know about the teams? Here you go:


So this cricket fever is going to continue till end of March. We hope that which ever team wins at the victory comes is of Pakistan and Pakistan is proved as peaceful and fun-loving country at the end of the day. For all the team supporters support your teams but first support Pakistan because which ever team wins at the end Pakistan must win. At last, I would like to thank all the international players for being our guests. We hope will be the best hosts for you.