Pubg Lite

Pubg Lite

pubg lite

PUBG LITE is here! Developed with Unreal Engine 4, PUBG LITE is adapted with considerably more gadgets and advanced for devices with less RAM without trading off the interactivity experience that has pulled in a large number of fans far and wide. PUBG  LITE highlights a littler guide made for 60 players, which implies a quicker paced game that despite everything keeps the conventional PUBG style of play!

After the Official Launch of Pubg for cell phones the game made an immense client base around the world.Players who used to play Pubg on their PC or Consoles likewise turned into a Pubg mobile Player.It’s an enormous network now and kinda really began beating Fortnite in the Race.Where The desktop version was unable to perform well on a budget PC, PUbg Lite performs perfectly on PC with low end GPU and with the assistance of the emulator.
As due to high graphics and large installation pack some Low end and mid Range Smartphone with 1-2GB Ram were unable to play Pubg, so Tencent Games the Publisher of the android version chose to make a LITE design of the game with a lot of lower Graphics and some different downsizes. It runs on mobiles with 1GB RAM. The installation pack is around 500 MB.

GRAPHICS:  The graphics are downgraded from original version . It has  no shadows AA Reflections and it does not give options to improve graphics also.  

GAMEPLAY: Although graphics are downgraded still enjoyment of playing game is not reduced. Map is little reduced but gaming experience is same.

OPTIMIZATION: Playing on 1GB RAM, what else we want?

PAY TO PLAY: Neither this one or the original Pubg Mobile is pay to play or pay to win it’s depend on your skills and FPS though there are micro transactions in both games but it’s just player and weapon skins to make the game feel and look better..

OVERALL: Overall the gaming experience is the same and we can still enjoy as much as we enjoyed playing  pub g . downgrading of graphics has not affected it so much.

I would rate it 9/10.

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