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Cafe Islamabad

Restaurant Review “La Terrazza”

So in this cold weather of Islamabad, we all like to find someplace to eat that have outdoor food with heaters despite the degree in the city. Because of this I recently got a chance to visit La Terrazza that is located at the terrace of the 4th floor of Centaurus. Sitting area is quite spacious, it covers more area of the Centaurus terrace than any other food places that are located there so you can organize small events.

Cafe Islamabad

Now Let’s take a moment to appreciate the view that this restaurant offers. Its located at the one end of the building and you can see the beautiful city of Islamabad with its magnificent Margalla hills view and all the tall buildings beneath it with all the greenery that our city is famous for. At night at one side, you can see all the yellow lights on the hills and on its peak on the other side you can see lights on the buildings and if you look down you see the colorful fountain. So if you don’t want to go all the way up to Monal or La Montana to get good food with the good view you can go here and get both benefits.

Cafe Islamabad

The ambiance was overall excellent. They had heaters with each table so you can enjoy your food with ease and coziness even in 5 degrees outside. Lights were low creating a very relaxing ambiance with the good songs playlists. Music wasn’t loud that would hurt your ears that happen in most of the food places in Islamabad La Terraza had the perfect volume that doesn’t feel heavy on ears so you can enjoy your food in peace without feeling finish it and just leave the place. The staff was very cooperative and polite so an extra point for La Terraza for this.

Cafe Islamabad 


Now let’s talk about the food and it’s serving size and serving time. We ordered a pizza and a tarragon chicken steak. To be honest I’m not satisfied by their serving speed because they took more than 45 mins to bring our food but the pizza that they served us was worth the wait. They serve one of the best pizzas in all Islamabad/Rawalpindi with a lot of cheese and meat in it with the excellent taste it has become my second most favorite place for satisfying my pizza cravings. I didn’t like the tarragon chicken steak though. The steak was ok it was served with boiled rice, vegetables and tarragon sauce on it with the hint of black pepper taste but there are other food places in Islamabad that have tarragon steaks on their menu that have better taste and more serving size than La Terraza’s.

Altogether It’s a good place to visit with good ambiance, good food, and good staff although little overpriced but the view with the Islamabad’s weather nowadays it’s worth the money spent. I’m definitely going back there again.

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