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Pakistani Drama

Review of a Hum TV Drama: Dastaan

The majority of Hum TV’s viewers are probably grandmothers, aunts and bored females enjoying the cheesy halal love stories and the family drama, however, there are several Hum TV Pakistani Drama that have really interesting and inspiring storylines, leaving you completely emotional! Here’s one of them:

Name: Dastaan
Aired: 2010

Pakistani Drama

Dastaan is a tale set in pre-partition times, between 1947 and 1956 to be exact. The story starts out with an elaborate wedding, between Surriya (Saba Qamar) and Saleem (Ahsan Khan). This is how the lives of Bano (Sanam Baloch) and Hassan (Fawad Khan) are finally intertwined. The drama starts out like a typical serial, involving budding romance and family relationships. As time passes, the situation of the subcontinent grows worse and the immediate environment around the family in undivided Punjab becomes unsafe. From the beginning, Hassan had been a supporter of All India Muslim League and its mission for Pakistan. The proud Nationalist often bantered around with Saleem, who was a supporter of the India National Congress and their principles. Saleem was surrounded by Hindu friends and believed India should remain whole, and he stuck to this belief.

Pakistani Drama

Even as their surroundings became unsafe for Muslims. Saleem remained loyal to Congress while his entire family participated in the Pakistan Movement. Despite his loyalties, Saleem’s Hindu friends refused to help protect him. Fearing for their own safety from their fellow Hindu countrymen. The entire drama ends with massive bloodshed, death, loss, blood and gore. (Similar to Game of Thrones)

Pakistani Drama.

This drama serial is based on some true stories from the time of partition and really helps understand the sacrifices our people made and the loss people went through in order to seek refuge in this nation.

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