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Solis Music & Art Festival Islamabad – Why you should attend!

(Concerts in Islamabad) Solis Music & Art Festival sponsored by Mountain Dew and organized by Full Circle is coming to the Islamabad on 9th of February 2019. Seeing the name of Full Circle, we can predict how great and promising the event would be if they are organizing it in Pakistan. The official trailers and teasers of the Solis Festival has been released on its Facebook page featuring Danny Avila, Kris Kaiden, Turhan James, Maleo and Joe Ghost saying they are coming to Islamabad making all the deal authentic and attractive.



All of them are Electro House DJs and producers. And as Electro genre fans, we are very well familiar with the Danny Avila name. And his videos from his performance in the Tomorrowland. One of the best trance genre songs of Danny Avilia that I personally love is“Voltage”


The teasers seem promising and with these big names coming to the Pakistan. We are hoping that it will rock the Capital. And we are also hoping to have the same light. Stage as shown in the teasers to get the same vibes from the Solis festival as it gives internationally. Management and organizers are declaring that they will release videos and photos of stage and all the setup before the event to attract and get more crowd.


Tickets are available at various brand throughout Pakistan. All the Manolo outlets in Islamabad, Hotspot Café Islamabad, Chaaye khana Peshawar, Mocca Café Lahore, Chotu Chaiwala Karachi.

As its our Country Organizers categorized the crowd into four different categories to dodge any unpleasant situations. Like males, females, couples and VIPs that will be at the very front. But we all know at the end everyone will get mixed up there.

Lets, talk about the ticket prices now as I mentioned earlier. As it’s our country so how can there be no gender discrimination? Yes, for females its for 3000 Rs and for single males, ticket is for 4500 Rs (Where are all the feminists shouting for gender equality now?). If you are a single male you have to pay extra 1500 Rs for being happy and in peace with only yourself. Everyone is going crazy over this fact on Solis Festival facebook page and at the online booking websites. Anyways for the couples the ticket is for 7000 Rs so if you are not forever alone then you can save 1000 Rs and for VIPs 10,000 Rs.

Concerts in Islamabad

Overall the event is looking promising. As being a Pakistani I am very excited for the 9th February. As we don’t get enough good quality concerts and opportunities for having fun here. Although

IslamabadEat, LahoreEat, KarachiEat and Cokefest

are good new initiations for Pakistanis. But Solis Music & Art Festival in my opinion would be totally different experience because we don’t get enough international singers, DJs and good quality concerts in Pakistan.