You may have questioned about the method of stem cell therapy, the term you might have come across in newspapers or web surfing. It may be a source of great curiosity as to why it is subject of strong discussion.

In this procedure  stem cells are used to prevent or treat a condition or disease. Now what are stem cells? Cells with different functions are generated by these cells. Daughter cells are formed by the division of these cells. These daughter cells may went through regeneration or differentiation evolving into cells with peculiar roles such as brain cells, heart cells, bone muscle cells or blood cells.


The main benefit of this therapy is refraining injurious intervention method and resulting donor-site dejection. Moreover, researchers and doctors hope that it can be effective in various fields.

First, stems cells accelerates healing. The wound healing process is quite complex and involves cell interactions. Stem cell theerapy is one of the technology to help in this regard. Upon testing superior healing results have been shown by both bone marrow stem cells and fibro blasts by high collagen and growth factor production.

Second, stem cells reduce scar formation. Scar formation is the ultimate outcome after wound healing as mammalian skin does not regrow rapidly. ASCs (Adios stem cells) might be a possible therapeutic instrument for excessive scarring due to their immunosuppressive and anti-inflammatory effect. In near future, ASC based therapy may enable wound healing without forming a visible scar.

Third, they advance fat graft survival. Because of the elderly citizens, a desire to revive youthful looks, the least surgical aftereffects, the request for cosmetic procedures has been advancing. Most famous age proof procedures in plastic surgery is fat graft technique. It may assist restore shortfalls and avoid delicate tissue bulk loss.


Besides the benefits of this therapy there has also been criticism. There has been a lot of controversy on the use of embryonic stem cells. These cells are achieved by female’s egg fertilization with male’s sperm in an in- vitro fertilization hospital and the embryo is never grafted in female’s uterus. It is believed that this therapy may violate human ethics at many levels. The National Institutes of Health made rules for human stem cell study in 2009. The rules say that the embryonic stem cells can only be utilized in case embryo is no longer in use.

stem cell therapy

Reason that adult cells are not used is that adult durable and flexible enough to be influenced into developing all types of cells. Besides, Adult stem cells also are more likely to adapt anomalies due to environmental risks, such as toxins, or from errors acquired by the cells during duplication.

Stem cell transplants, also called bone marrow transplants are already being used to treat diseases like multiple myeloma, neuroblastoma, leukemia and lymphoma. These interventions use umbilical cord blood or adult stem cells.

During the last few years, this therapy has been used effectively in cosmetic surgery field. Further research must be done to determine the destiny of cells and amount of cells required for ultimate clinical results. Moreover, the side effects, long-term result and risks of this method should be followed.

Good manufacturing practice (GMP) facilities are necessary for testing, cryopreservation and safe collection of clients cells. All-Inclusive this technique suggests a great future for a new cell surgical scheme in cosmetic surgery.




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