The 100 (Review)

The 100 (Review)

CW’s The 100 (Review):

So here’s my take on CW’s The 100:

In my opinion, I think we all have, at least once in our lives, wondered what it would be like to live in space. Just imagining living among the stars and looking towards the endless sea of blackness seems to take my breath away.

But have you ever considered what it would be like for humans to have never set foot on this Earth? Humans who have lived their entire lives in space? People who wonder what it would be like to walk on the ground, to feel the wind blow against their faces. What would it be like to eat actual food and to experience true freedom?

So now to finally get to the point. The 100 series is based on the famous book by Kass Morgan. In a post-apocalyptic era, humans have destroyed the Earth in a full-out nuclear war. But while the world burned, some people managed to escape to space. They have now lived there for centuries, eventually growing into an organized and thriving community. But now they find out that their time in space is coming to an end as they  run out of oxygen. The only option left to them: return to Earth.

To find out if radiation levels on Earth are low enough for human survival, they decide to send 100 juvenile prisoners to the ground as a test group. They were sent in the hopes that mankind could once again occupy the deserted piece of rock that used to be their home. But they found out more than they bargained for: they were not alone.

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Seasons 1-5

As the seasons go on, you’ll see that the challenges the 100 (or what’s left of them) keep on getting more intense as they battle the forces the world, that has forever changed, sends after them. From acid fogs to mutated animals to the Earthborn civilizations, who are hell-bent on making sure they regret coming to Earth at all. So their time on Earth is a complete nightmare.

The character development is also one of a kind. As the 100 grow older and wiser, they take bigger risks and some take on the darkness that looms over all of them. Some seek redemption for past sins and some quickly figure out that if you want to survive, you have to be prepared to do anything it takes. Doesn’t matter if that means you have to sacrifice one of your own or take the side of your enemy. You can never guess what’s about to happen next, but that’s the best part!

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Season 6

In the last season, the survivors are forced to leave Earth, just like their ancestors did centuries ago. Their new refuge is on an unknown planet, where they’re met with challenges no one could ever imagine. They range from suns turning normal people into raging psychopaths, to false gods, to unveiling the secrets of immortality. The survivors are in for the battle of their lives. Some will survive and bear the burdens that come with it. Some will be subjected to fates worse than death. The sixth season ends on a cliffhanger, paving the way to the seventh and final season, where the secrets of the unknown will be revealed, delving into deep space and playing with the possibility of the presence of celestial beings.

I’m not going to a spoil the rest of the story for you. But I can confidently guarantee you 6 seasons of pure action and suspense. They will take you back to the time when there was no technology. The time when humans lived off of what they found everyday. Civilizations will rise and fall. I definitely recommend it to anyone who loves science fiction as much as me.

Hope you like the show! Let me know in the comments what you thought of it!

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