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Travelclub.PK Review

While surfing through the internet, I came across an advertisement for TravelClub.pk and its offers. My friends and I had been thinking about taking a trip up North for a while. As broke students, travelling to our internationally appreciated Northern land of beauty was the only thing we had. While the plans for our trip had been floating around for months. I still decided to check out the rates they were offering.


Upon reaching the homepage, I was surprised to see such an easy-to-use layout unlike most online tools available to Pakistanis. The page greets visitors with a quote that would stimulate the wanderlust within any person,

“Mighty Himalayas to shores of Arabian sea 
Travel the modern silk road hassle free.”



The superstitious Pakistani inside me thought this was a sign, of course. We were finally going to take this trip, I decided. The search tool built for the website was extremely helpful, however. I entered possible destinations we could visit around the dates I knew my friends and I were free. I entered our meagre budget into the search tool and laughed.


Surprise! There were several options to meet our budget around locations we were dying to visit! Holding in my raging excitement. I booked us a hotel for 3 days and called my friends with the good news. All of this happened within the span of 15 minutes but it was extremely simple.



There were some issues such as unclear prices for hotels but travelcub.pk’s agent cleared my confusion right up. Using their blog section helped prepare us prepare a travel checklist and very soon after, we were off on our trip to Hunza!

Honestly, without travelclub.pk revealing the number of hotel booking options we really had, this trip would still be an impossible possibility for my friends and I. What an excellent and innovative idea!
Providing the location for every hotel was another. Plus since we got lost on the way and had to use the online location to get us back on track. Eventually arriving at the hotel, our check-in process went smoothly and we settled into our rooms. We knew that according to the ratings, the hotel wasn’t the best accommodation. But that had been made clear to us from the beginning. Other than that, all amenities listed on the website were provided to us, and some facilities. Such as free breakfast gave us a nice surprise. There were no shocking disappointments faced by us. Which quite honestly was what we were expecting due to the low price of the hotel.



The details provided to us beforehand such as the lack of WiFi. Provision of a telephone and assurance of a clean private bathroom. Really helped us plan ahead for our trip. We avoided the hassle of buying extra groceries and provisions. Since the map clarified directions to a supermarket and other basic facilities nearby. We even managed to find a tour service through the website. Which provided us with a guide to show us around.


I can honestly say that without travelclub.pk. We would never have taken the risk of embarking on one of the most memorable experiences of my life! I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to make their travel experience much simpler than it usually is. Thank you!

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