From last six months, Coronavirus has drastically changed dynamics of the world. Millions have become ill, several thousands have lost their lives, and economies have been down the hill.

Now with Coronavirus in control in some areas, travel ban has been lifted and tourists are back to some of the famous spots. It might take some time to situation to get back to fully normal but it doesn’t mean we can’t plan an adventure and get things ready for our tour. Now for that there are various things you need to look and contact various departments to inquire.
We need to look into the queries like Which countries have lifted the travel ban? What are the new rules for travel to various places? Route of the flight? Which tourist places are open? This article will guide you and help you solve these queries.

What Destinations are Open?

The list of the countries that are lifting the travel ban is increasing every day with situation getting under control. Some are opening for people around the globe, while others are opening just for neighborhood. A few nations, similar to the US and Indonesia and Australia, have bans on guests from specific nations. Tahiti is making individuals show a negative test result inside 72 hours of their flight. Same for Austria (except if you’re from one of 30 affirmed European nations). That implies you’ll have to do explicit examination dependent on where you need to go.

In case you’re from the US, Skyscanner also has a helpful rundown of state-by-state limitations just as limitations by nation and flight cancellation, arrangements/data. You can likewise download the Travel arranging app to get continuous travel limitation updates. Furthermore, in case you’re going to Europe, this official guide from the European Union will tell you which nations are open.

Second, check the official government’s Foreign Office or the travel industry board as they will have the most accurate data.

In case you don’t know how to discover those sites, just Google “(nation name)  official the travel industry board”. you may also search, “(nation name) COVID-19 travel update” It will get you the information about which countries are allowing free movement, which require test results and other restrictions imposed by various countries.

Where Can I Find the Most Current Case Count Information?

In case you want to look for latest number of active cases in a specific country you visit Johns Hopkins University data, it is latest and accurate. You can also check Worldometers because it’s more easy to understand.

What’s going on with Airlines?

Air travel has been changed a lot since Coronavirus came in. The passengers are asked to wear face masks and boarding procedure has also been changed for minimum physical contact. A few airlines, (for example, Southwest) are not booking any center seats to keep up a more secure separation between travelers.

Concerning cleaning, numerous carriers are significantly purifying planes in the middle of each flight. Here are few general rules that you must follow for travelling.

  • Wash your hands regularly.
  • Wear a mask.
  • Refrain from contacting your face.
  • Wipe down your seat or seating territory with disinfectant wipes.

Numerous airlines have changed their cancellation approaches, which implies you can frequently change your trips without penalty.


What are Hotels, Hostels Doing?

Hotels have also made various changes in regard to that. Regular cleaning is being done and visitors are asked to follow specific rules.

 To conclude, You may travel now a day but you must keep in consideration that you follow the guidelines given by doctors and inquire about the place you want to visit.

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