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What Disrupts Our Mental Health?

In this busy, chaotic world of fast moving life and even faster attempts to keep up with it, we all forget ourselves at some point. This is where one takes a step back to realize we need time for ourselves- a time known for self-care. So we start pampering ourselves with comfort foods, skin care, shopping sprees and what not. Anything that screams we are good to go! But are we?
In all this struggle, we focus on what is on the outside and forget a very essential element- our mental health.
Here are few things that can disrupt your peace of mind:

Contagious Energies

We all have energies that we radiate into the world around us and also the energies that consume us. It depends a lot on the people we meet and the kind of energy they give off. The negativity around you can drain you and make you feel emotionally exhausted which can also affect your relationships. Surrounding yourself with positive people can help you retain your own positivity. I strongly believe this has a much bigger impact on us than we give it credit for.

Health issues

Too Much of Social Media

There is a very famous saying that an excess of anything is bad. There is too much chaos, exaggeration and personal depiction of lives that can leave you wondering what you are doing with yours. Social media has caused many eating disorders, depression cases, low self-esteems and inferiority complex among many people. You may not know it, but words, images, and certain statements, can affect your well-being. This is very well explained with cases of cyber bullying and online harassment leading to suicides.

Health issues

What We Think Shapes Our Lives

Thoughts play a very important role in manifesting your life for you. The power of what you feed your mind is greater than you know. Scientific experiments have shown how depressing words can cause a plant to wilt. Same is the case with us. This becomes worse when it turns into a habit of overthinking; creating scenarios that are not there, and jumping to conclusions on the basis of assumptions you make without being rational. It can impact your personality, your confidence, and may even shrink you to live a pessimistic life.


Pleasing Others and Forgetting Yourself

I am no expert in telling you what do about it, since I am the Monica with an unstoppable desire to please people. But let me tell you how much it ruins my peace of mind. What I have learnt in all these years, is that you are not living if you are pleasing everyone but yourself. Priorities are important, make yourself the first one. The only person that you can actually please is you. Trying to mend relationships that are not meant to be, controlling situations that are beyond your capacities, trying to make sure everyone is okay makes you forget that you are not.

Health issues

Remember, the first person you wake up to, the first person you meet every day, the first person who gets to know what is on your mind, is you. It is, without a doubt the most important relationship and commitment that you need to work on. As they say, “you cannot pour from an empty cup”.

Health issues

So the next time you think of self-care, make sure to cleanse your surrounding first…