Apple’s First Virtual WWDC Keynote All Set to Revolutionize Remote Presentations.

Apple’s First Virtual WWDC Keynote All Set to Revolutionize Remote Presentations.


Apple and Its WWDC Events

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) has been a historical event for the company. Whether it is the launch of a new product or an upgrade announcement, Apple has  thrives to show these conferences at bigger levels with live presentations. These presentations at the conferences have no doubt continued to be truly remarkable.

However, one wonders if the WWDC is worth all the effort for minor Apple improvements. Since the WWDC comes with all the arrangements and preparations to present and display every upgrade in person. This is particular question always crosses the mind. In the past few years, the announcements Apple made were mostly of the latest additions to the existing systems than launching its products. Perhaps the launch of its new, life-changing products could do with some major events. For instance, when Apple decides to launch its augmented reality glasses.

This time, Apple opted for a virtual WWDC Keynote, which they expect to be an ordinary virtual conference. As usual, Apple continues to surprise its people by maintaining the same, or even better standards of this virtual WWDC event.

The New Normal and Technology

As the circumstances are changing globally with the prevailing pandemic limitations and challenges, the world has shifted almost entirely to a virtual space. This shift is gradually replacing the physical space for in-person gatherings and live events.

As a consequence of these circumstances, Apple sought the same way for conducting the recent WWDC.

The current pandemic scenario has made it a complete necessity to revolutionize the virtual world and online space to continue with different tasks, jobs, conferences, meetings, and other important tasks. The WWDC Virtual Keynote has introduced a new perspective to enhance the new alternative.

Apple and The New WWDC Keynote

As Apple successfully conducted its first-ever Virtual WWDC Keynote, it did not only pave a way for future remote presentations. Doing so has made it evident for the company that it can carry out such presentations in the future as well for announcements lesser than product launches.

When organizing a live WWDC event, it takes Apple months to prepare for the presentations and displays. This also means investing a great deal in the conference. Mostly, the announcements on such conferences are updates on the existing operational systems of Apple products. They follow it in prior meeting to prep the developers and add new energy in their efforts to continue growth in Apple’s space. The online preparations and presentations, however, demonstrated that these tasks can be carried out effortlessly through sharing a virtual space. The step that was they necessary as a result of COVID , is now  a potential revolution for other such future events. Experts consider WWDC is to be the conference for Apple.

Apple’s initiative of making things easy

Lately, the Apple events are not similar to the past years. Those were the days when the company was willing to take risks and try new, innovative ways of casually launching a new product in a “by the way” manner. This would get the audience by surprise and would bring a shift in the world of technology. For announcements that legendry, one would want to be there at the live event to experience something they can not forget easily.

Apple has been lacking such events for quite some time now. The most memorable of such events probably happened in the year 2014 where Apple announced three of its main products back to back in one event. The Apple Watch, iPhone 6, and 6 Plus came in market to customers together in that year’s WWDC keynote. Apple users consider it to be a great deal for  and the announcement means so much more on a live platform. This level of excitement, however, was unimaginary for announcements of software updates, new service offers, or any live performances.

What Was New This Time?

The WWDC this year was expected to be just another ordinary event with prerecorded films in Apple studio or theaters. This was the case for the opening speech of Tim Cook that was indeed filmed in the theater, but the rest of the presentations changed the game. Most of these presentations were shot in the lobby upstairs in the Apple Park campus and its vegetation. Others were recorded outside the theater in a bright round spot where the white stone shone beautifully on the top. Shooting in the premises of Apple gave it a sense of brand loyalty which was a wonderful way to express the ownership of their responsibilities toward the company. This use of background and lighting gives it an open feel than the four walls of a stage and it was a treat to the eye after being in indoors for months of the pandemic.

The WWDC event did not lack anything from its previous presentations. Apple showed us that the world can function just as normal in a virtual space as it does in the physical one. The production of these presentations seamless with everything seeming as normal as sitting in a live conference. From sense humor with Kevin Lynch working out in his Apple Watch segment to Craig Federighi portraying his humorous way of presentation, the company members demonstrated a great show to set a precedent for future WWDC events. Federighi’s presence on the screen gives a strong face to Apple’s presenters who is likes by many in terms of Craig being the next in line to Tim Cook.


The opening of the conference also had an empathetic side. Tim Cook acknowledged the support for racial equity and made a small speech on George Floyd’s death. He also touched on the topic of the prevailing COVID condition and its impact on the Apple business and products. This diversely concerning speech from the CEO was a heart-felt start of the WWDC virtual keynote. The choice of a quiet, empty theater seemed like the right place to talk about these topics instead of delivering amongst the buzz of the audience.

One more significant change seen in this year’s WWDC was the representation by presenters. This year there were more female presenters at the conference. Though there were few of color, the entire event was not just about white male presenters with a business look. Moreover, since the they record presentations before the final streaming, this had given plenty of preparation time to participants who did not have to face any sort of nervousness or technical glitches.

Revoloutianizing the remote world

The new game-changing virtual presentation with much more zeal and efficiency has only made them happier this year. However, when it comes to the key constituents of the WWDC Apple events on a live platform, the most  developer and press have the most involvement.

When it comes to the press, the live events have been a great deal of excitement where they would get to meet their colleagues and hang out in a refreshing environment. These live events have also given a hands-on experience of product demonstrations that each individual got to have in person. Noone could provide these benefits when it comes to virtual WWDC keynotes.


In this WWDC virtual keynote, we saw that very little effort  there was less effort is comparison  to the previous live events. It saved everyone a lot of hassle in terms of traffic jams, parking spots, looking for a better seat, or worrying about the logistics and technical aspects. Moreover, it has been easier to prerecord the event. When it comes to photography, screenshots proved to be the better means.

The virtual arrangement of the conference that cost nothing has also been very fair when it comes to the developers. The live events have cost more dollars for attending. Which meant that not all developers could afford to attend the event. This resulted in only a small number of developers getting access to the WWDC. That too if they could manage to afford the expense for the entire event.

It has been observed that there are pros and cons to both kinds of events. However, the pros of a virtual keynote are far greater than its cons. Enjoying live demos of products and experiencing bigger announcements in person is still something worthwhile. However, it can also save a lot of resources and expense when there are other smaller announcements to make. Furthermore, the current pandemic situation has left a future mark for such WWDC events . A virtual keynote looks like another of its byproducts.

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